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Bet on the Go with Spin Palace Sports Mobile

Here at Spin Palace Sports we always endeavour to keep up to date with the latest in betting technology to ensure that our players in Canada have the best experience. That’s why we have developed a stellar Mobile Sports betting app available for download on Android, Apple and Windows devices! 

Bet Anywhere

One of the most fantastic advantages to Mobile Sports betting is that no matter where you are we will always be right there with you. Whether you decide to play on your tablet or smartphone, we have revolutionized the way you can bet, and guarantee that you will have access to the full range of wagers available on the desktop site.

Best Bets for Mobile

Whether you’re looking for point spreads, parlays, proposition bets or the best value for your money, we have you covered! Not only do we have an excellent range of wagers on our Mobile Sports platform, but you can place bets on the following sports:
•    Baseball
•    Basketball
•    Canadian Football
•    Football
•    F1 Racing
•    Fussball
•    Golf
•    Horse Racing
•    Ice Hockey
•    La Crosse
•    Rugby
•    Tennis

How to Choose a Betting Market

With mobile sports betting, choosing the right sports betting market is key to placing a successful wager. With so many markets to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. Instead of just looking for the best odds, picking a winner should be based on your knowledge of the sport in question. While ice hockey might be offering incredible odds, if you don’t know that much about the sport, it will be in your best interests to look at sport you do have an interest in. 

It is important to bet on sports or markets where you have detailed knowledge about the teams or the individual involved. If you are a tennis enthusiast, you might be following the career of certain players and know exactly how they perform on grass or clay courts and if they handle the pressure of a major Grand Slam. The more you know about the teams or individuals, the greater your chances of picking a winner. It is also important to remember that there are plenty of factors that can influence the outcome of a game or match on the day. 

Understanding Betting Odds

With mobile betting, understanding the betting odds is the first and most important step in the mobile sports betting process. In Canada, betting odds can be expressed in two ways. Firstly, they can be shown as fractional odds such as 5/1 or in decimal format such as 1.50. With fractional odds, you can calculate your chances of winning by adding the two numbers together and dividing the right-hand number by the total. For example, you come across a bet with odds of 4/1, adding the numbers together gives a total of 5. Divide 1 by the 5 and you get 0.2 or a 20% chance of winning. 

To calculate your payouts on a fractional bet, you would need to add the two numbers together, divided by the right-hand number and multiply by your stake. In the example of 4/1, the numbers add up to 5. When you divide 5 by the right-hand number (1) the total stays at 5. You can then multiply this number by your stake. If you placed a $4 bet, your winnings on the bet will be $4x5 which equals $20. 

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are a bit easier to understand. With decimal odds, the easiest way to understand the payouts is simply to assign them a monetary value. For example, odds of 2.50 would best be understood if we said that the bet pays out $2.50. This means that for every $1 you bet, you will be paid out $2.50. To calculate your winnings, you simply multiply the betting odds by your total stake. If you place a $15 wager on a bet with odds of 2.6 you payout will be $15x2.6, which equals $39. 

Fixed Odds Betting

With mobile betting at Spin Palace Sports, there are also different types of wagers available on each betting market. The odds shown above are mainly used for fixed odds betting. This is where the odds shown at the time of betting will be paid out at the conclusion of the bet. Even if the betting odds shift up or down closer to the event, the odds set at the time of the bet will always be paid out. For example, if you wanted to place a bet on the number one seed winning Wimbledon, the odds might start off at around 4.2. 

As the top seeded player progresses through the first and second rounds, his odds will begin to drop into the threes or even two’s. If one of his competitors blows out of the competition, the odds will drop even further and may even get as low as 1.4. On the day of the finals, the odds would be so low that placing a bet might not be worth the risk. However, if you placed a fixed odds bet weeks in advance, you will be paid out the original odds of 4.2. 

24/7 Betting Convenience

When you choose to participate in Mobile Sports betting with Spin Palace Sports you will be treated to the widest range of betting markets for Canada, fantastic odds, and lucrative free bet bonuses. Whether you are commuting or on your lunch break, you’ll be able to place bets on your favourite sports, and you’ll see your bankroll expanding in no time!