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With more than 70 different sports on offer, all with their own multitude of markets, you’ll never be bored at our online sportsbook! We consistently offer some of the best odds in Europe on simple bets, exotic bets and even novelty bets. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced punter, we can meet your wagering needs at Spin Palace Sports.

You’ll find popular betting options such as Horse Racing and Football at Spin Palace Sports, as well as some lesser-known categories that will reward and delight you in equal measure. From big international events to small local games and races, you’ll find great coverage of everything right here. Bigger and smaller leagues for sports like Baseball, Basketball and Rugby are included, so you can bet and win a tidy sum all year round.

Our bonuses are just as impressive as our accurate information and up-to-date odds, making your betting even more rewarding. If you’ve been looking for the best online sportsbook in Europe, the good news is that you’ve found it!


Shuttlecock, as Badminton is also called, is a racket sport that is incredibly fast-paced and exciting to watch, meaning it is even more exciting to bet on. As soon as you’ve seen the games in action and have placed a few wagers yourself, you will understand why it is such a popular punting option around Europe and the rest of the world.

The aim of the game, which can be played in Singles or Doubles matches, is to keep a feathered shuttlecock airborne. You can only use a single swing to get it over the net, and every time you do you’ll score a point. The first duo or single player to get to a score of 21 wins the game.

The annual Badminton circuit features 5 main events, and the most popular are the BWF World Championships, the BWF Super Series and the Thomas & Uber Cup. Smaller events and tournaments are also open for wagers with us, and the most common bets across all of them are straight-up predictions on who the winners will be. The Olympic Games, staged every 4 years, features some fantastic Badminton betting opportunities too.


Baseball is another favourite with punters around the world, partly because there are so many games to bet on and partly because of the unique wagering options they present. You can find all of them at Spin Palace Sports, at the best odds and with the best bonuses. The game unfolds so fast and can be so unexpected that live betting, where you can adjust your wager as the game is played, is becoming one of our most popular options.

We bring you baseball games from around the world, but the most popular are probably the Major League Baseball, or MLB, events. The MLB regulates and runs professional Baseball in the United States, with each of the 30 teams playing in 162 games over the 6-month season. This translates into an incredible 2430 games in the MLB season! It culminates in the World Series, and the Midsummer Classic, or All Star Game, is another highlight. This brings together all the league’s best teams, and is a real treat to watch.

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Like Baseball, Spin Palace Sports brings you Basketball games from around the world including the German Basketball Bundesliga, the Australian National Basketball League and the Euroleague, among other top competitions. But, also like Baseball, the gold standard for the sport is the North American association affiliated with it – in this case, the National Basketball Association, or NBA.

Whether you want to put money on the NBA playoffs, Final Four or NCAA March Madness, you’ll love the odds we bring to you. The stellar performances by the athletes and the fierce rivalry between certain teams really add to the drama of the events, and betting on them can be quite an experience.

No matter what game you’re betting on, in Basketball you need to be as prepared as possible. Find out as much as you can about the teams and the individual players, including how they have performed recently and what injuries and transfers have occurred. When you feel confident, you can place Prop, Total, Side and several other wagers with our sportsbook.

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Canadian Football

Canadian Football is enjoyed throughout Canada, but it’s also great to watch and wager on if you are in Europe. It’s run by the Canadian Football League, or CFL, and is a form of gridiron football. It is quite closely linked to American Football; both games originated from something called Rugby Football, which was played in the 1800s. Modern Canadian Football games consist of 2 12-person teams, competing for territorial control on a 110-yard field. By landing the ball in the area of the opposing team, players claim possession and score points.

The CFL regulates and governs both professional and amateur Canadian Football play. The Grey Cup is the culmination of the season, and is one of the biggest sports events held in Canada each year. You can get in on all the great action with Spin Palace Sports, betting with the best odds and winning the best payouts on Canadian Football from wherever you happen to be.

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Football, or as some countries call it, Soccer, is the most popular sport for online wagering in the world. Played in so many countries and with so many markets that there is always a game on and bets to be placed, it’s a constant source of excitement and wins. And, of course, the best place to access all of that is with us at Spin Palace Sports.

European Football Leagues are especially popular, and especially prestigious for players to be involved in. We offer all the best bets for these games at our online sportsbook, but there are many other markets to discover too. These include South America’s Campeonato Brasileiro Série A and Argentine Primera División, the USA’s Major League Soccer, Australia’s A-League, Korea’s K-League and many more. International games pit all the best players in world against each other, and the FIFA World Cup is the pinnacle of it all. Try a few of the bets at Spin Palace Sports, and Football betting could well become your favourite pastime too.

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Formula One

The FIA Formula One Championship, as Formula One is properly known, takes place over 20 races around the world, in some truly breath-taking locations. The F1 season runs from March to November, and features the Japanese Grand Prix, Monaco Grand Prix, Spanish Grand Prix and many other high-profile races. It attracts more than 600 million fans at a time, and once you’ve tried betting on the action you will understand why. There is little to beat the feeling of watching the contender that you backed cross the chequered flag and win the race, and F1 is arguably the most exciting circuit to do it on.

At Spin Palace Sports you can bet on who will win each race and who will take the World Drivers Championship title at the end of the season, as well as who will win the World Constructors Championships. This race shows just how important constructors are to a team, and to the sport of motor racing as a whole. It uses a points system to determine who takes the Constructors Champion title, and like the other F1 events you can place Prop, Qualifying and Moneyline bets on the result.

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If you think of Golf as tame and boring, it is time to think again! Once the preserve of the wealthy or the retired, the sport’s image has been changing radically for some years now. Even before golfing legend Tiger Woods was making his mark, television was bringing tournaments to the attention of more people, and they were interested. As anyone who has ever watched and bet on Golf will tell you, there is a lot more to the game than it might first appear. You only have to see rising stars such as Rory McIlroy in action to know what we mean. And of course, there are big wins to be had too.

We bring you great odds for the big Golf tournaments at Spin Palace Sports, with the 4 biggest (collectively nicknamed The Masters) being the US Masters, US Open, British Open and PGA Championships. There are also several smaller events that are staged across the world, and our sports book brings you this action too. Since Golf has no real season, the games are spread throughout the year and you’ll always find an opportunity to bet and win with us. Prop bets are the first choice of many seasoned punters, but you’ll find a range of options to choose from.

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Horse Racing

The only thing more popular in betting circles than Horse Racing is Soccer. Still often called “The Sport Of Kings”, there is something inherently glamorous about Horse Racing. You’ll love learning about the form of horse and jockey, and what to look out for in a rider, a steed and a trainer when you’re placing your bets, as well as what track and weather conditions to pay attention to.

As you learn more about Horse Racing itself you might want to move from the simpler single and double bets that are the most popular, to more exotic options including Trifectas and Quinellas. Accumulators, which allow you to put more than 1 bet on a ticket and raise your risk and potential reward in equal amounts, always add a good dose of excitement. You can bet on all of these at Spin Palace Sports, and with the market being so popular you can do so 365 days a year. Choose from small events around the world, and large ones such as the USA Kentucky Derby, the UK Grand National and the Australian Melbourne Cup.

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Ice Hockey

The National Hockey League, or NHL, is the world’s leading authority on Ice Hockey in the same way that the NBA is the world’s leading authority on Basketball. We bring you many other games to bet on at Spin Palace Sports, including those held in Russia and Germany, but the NHL games are by far the most popular with our punters.

There are 31 teams in the NHL, with 18 nationalities represented between them. Each team plays 82 games each season, creating 2542 betting opportunities for you. Every game has multiple markets too, and you’ll find the best odds on all of them with our sportsbook. The playoffs put the 16 teams who make it through against each other, with between 60 and 98 postseason games also helping to decide the season’s champion. The winning team gets to hoist the Stanley Cup, which is the ultimate accolade in Ice Hockey.

Before you bet on any NHL game or any other Ice Hockey game, make sure you know how the game works. Learn the 2 different ways that a team can win, and familiarise yourself with the Double Chance, Puck Line, Total and other available bets. When you’re ready and have researched the team and players, place your bets with Spin Palace Sports for the best odds and the hottest action.

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Rugby League

Rugby League games are played in Australia, but the rules are so similar to those in standard Rugby that punters in Europe can easily understand them. The teams have 13 players, and the 2 key events are the National Rugby League, or NRL, and the State of Origin. In the State of Origin, Queensland and New South Wales face off in a series of 3 games. In the NRL, 16 teams from New Zealand and Australia fight each other for the Premiership title.

For each Rugby League game there are more than 50 markets open to you, so it’s very worthwhile to get comfortable with betting on this sports. Head to Head, Line and Points and Futures bets seem especially popular and are a good place to start.

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Rugby Union

You’ll find Rugby Union leagues and fans around Europe and around the world, so there is always action going on, always bets to be placed, and always money to be won. Everywhere from England to China and South Africa to Australia has a Rugby team, and depending on the league and the game a Rugby Union match will have 13 to 15 players a side on the field.

The action lasts for 80 minutes, and literally anything can happen in this intensely physical contact sport. The nature of the games mean that underdogs can often emerge victorious over favourites, so watching the games unfold is enthralling – especially if you have money riding on the outcome. Scoring is very easy to understand: Tries and Penalty Tries are worth 5 points, while Converted Tries are worth 5 plus an extra 2 points, making a total of 7.

We bring you local and international Rugby Union betting action at Spin Palace, with the most popular matches including the Six Nations, Super Rugby, the Guinness Premiership, the Challenge Cup and, every 4 years, the Rugby World Cup.

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Tennis is one of the most popular betting markets at our sportsbook, and it’s easy to see why. Played all year round and across the globe, there are so many matches and Grand Slam events to wager on. You can bet on men’s and women’s games, on doubles, and on mixed doubles, and can place wagers on who will the Game, Set or Match; or can enjoy in-play betting as the game unfolds.

The WTA and ATP provide ample entertainment, and the Masters feature the top seeds battling it out for a Grand Slam title. Wimbledon The Davis Cup, The US, French and Australian Open all pull in the crowds and prove just how enjoyable tennis betting can be.

A racquet sport that’s easy to understand, the aim of the game is simple. All games feature either 3 or 5 sets, and a player must win 2 of 3 sets, or 3 of 5 in order to claim victory.

Tennis is hugely appealing to almost all punters, watching their favorite battling it out to the very end, betting is both exhilarating and rewarding!

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For a full round up of the 70+ sports that you can bet on at our online sportsbook please take a look at the list below:

  • Archery
  • Athletics
  • Australian Football League
  • Bandy
  • Beach Handball
  • Beach Soccer
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Bowls
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Curling
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Diving
  • Equestrian
  • e-Sports
  • Fencing
  • Floorball
  • Futsal
  • Gaelic Football
  • Gaelic Hurling
  • Greyhounds
  • Gymnastics
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • Hurling
  • Judo
  • Kayak
  • MMA
  • Modern Penthathlon
  • Motor Racing
  • Olympic Games
  • Poker
  • Racketlon
  • Rowing
  • Sailing
  • Shooting
  • Snooker & Pool
  • Soccer
  • Speedway
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Triathlon
  • Trotting
  • Virtual Sports
  • Virtual Sports Inspired
  • Volleyball
  • Water Polo
  • Weightlifting
  • Winter Olympic
  • Winter sports
  • Wrestling