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Sports Betting FAQs

We’re always here to help you at Spin Palace Sports, but checking our Frequently Asked Questions out first could save you valuable time.

What Sports can I Bet On?

The range of sports available at Spin Palace Sports are pretty impressive, and includes Baseball, Basketball, Rugby Union, Rugby League, La Crosse, Tennis, Football, Canadian Football, Formula 1 Racing, Horse Racing, Ice Hockey and even Fuss Ball!

What Bets Can I Place?

Depending on the sport you’re betting on, we offer a huge range of bets from the most simple to the most exotic. We’ll meet you, challenge you and entertain you at every step of your sports betting career, so you’ll keep enjoying yourself and winning more and more. Check out the full details on the specific page for every sports betting market option.

Is there a Mobile Sportsbook?

Of course there is! We understand that the busy players of today need to get in their sports betting whenever and wherever they can. Just as Spin Palace offers the best mobile casino available today, so too do we offer the best mobile sportsbook. No matter how busy you are, you can keep your winnings coming.

How Do I Sign Up?

The sign up process at Spin Palace Sports is simple. Follow the prompts provided and you’ll be able to create an account and make a deposit in no time.

How Do I Know if my Bet Has Won?

If you’ve placed a winning bet you’ll be notified, and you can keep tabs on the sport you wagered on to see what the results are in real time. Your winnings will be paid out promptly, and clearing times may depend on the banking method you have chosen.