WC 2018: Panama

Group G

Panama qualified for their very first opportunity to compete in the greatest football tournament on earth, this year. The man of the hour was none other than Roman Torres and the winning goal was hammered home during the 88th minute. The losers in that particular qualifying match were Costa Rica. 2018 marks a historic moment in time for Panama and they are intent on making history- although some may say that is already what thy have done, simply by making it through the group stages...

Team Members

  • Azmahar Ariano - Defender
  • Azmahar Ariano - Defender
  • Harold Cummings - Defender
  • Felipe Baloy - Defender
  • Erick Davis - Defender
  • Adolfo Machado - Defender
  • Michael Murillo - Defender
  • Luis Ovalle - Defender
  • Francisco Palacios - Defender
  • Richard Peralta - Defender
  • Román Torres - Defender
  • Fidel Escobar - Defender
  • Ismael Diaz - Forward
  • Rolando Blackburn - Forward
  • Abdiel Arroyo - Forward
  • Roberto Nurse - Forward
  • Blas Pérez - Forward
  • Luis Tejada - Forward
  • Gabriel Torres - Forward
  • Ricardo Avila - Midfielder
  • Cristian Martinez - Midfielder
  • Edgar Barcenas - Midfielder
  • Ricardo Buitrago - Midfielder
  • Miguel Camargo - Midfielder
  • Adalberto Carrasquilla - Midfielder
  • Armando Cooper - Midfielder
  • Aníbal Godoy - Midfielder
  • Gabriel Gómez - Midfielder
  • Jose Gonzalez - Midfielder
  • Valentín Pimentel - Midfielder
  • Alberto Quintero - Midfielder
  • Jose Rodriguez - Midfielder
  • José Calderón - GK
  • Jaime Penedo - GK
  • Alex Rodriguez - GK


Hernan Dario Gomez

Hernan Dario Gomez is from Columbia and his name has been entered into the pages of history for being the first coach ever to have successfully coached Panama towards a WC entry. He is lovingly nicknamed El Bollilo, which means ‘The Truncheon’, and he is no newcomer to WC events, having coached his home country of Columbia towards the 1998 edition of the WC held in France, as well as Ecuador in 2002 in South Korea and Japan.

Past WC History

Panama has never before qualified for the greatest football tournament on earth and as such, 2018 is a landmark victory and moment in time. All eyes will be on the nation when they take to the field to make their debut in Russia.


  • Panama’s star forward is Blas Perez
  • Perez has appeared in 5 WC qualifying campaigns
  • Panama holds a 55th overall ranking
  • 0 Semi-Finals
  • 0 Finals
  • 0 Championship titles


Panama’s home and away kits were both designed by New Balance. The jerseys are based on New Balance’s new brand template as well as drawing heavy inspiration from the Panama national bird, the Harpy Eagle. The national anthem and the Panama skyline also feature on the jerseys. The home kit is made up of the traditional red and white colours of the country and the away jersey is white and blue.