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Formula 1 Betting

If there’s anything more exciting that watching the cars fly around the track in Formula 1 races, it’s betting on the outcome of those events and then winning big! This is all possible at Spin Palace Sports, and to make things even easier for you, we’ve got a few basic pointers lined up here.

The pinnacle of motorsport is governed by the Federation Internationale de Automobile, or FIA. The FIA Formula 1 World Championship debuted in 1950, and has been the premier racing series world-wide ever since. At Spin Palace Sports you can bet on who will win the Drivers’ Championship, which team will win the Constructors’ Championship, where the points of both teammates are added together, and which drivers will be on the final podium. There are also Match Bets between the drivers on a team, and you can bet on any driver winning any particular race, as well as bets like First Driver to Retire and Qualifying Positions.