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Bet with Spin Palace Sportsbook

At Spin Palace Sports you’ll find more than 70 different sports to bet on, from the most popular games like Football, to the less well known, such as La Crosse. Our sportsbook has a wide selection of markets open for every event, along with simple and exotic wagers suited to every bettor’s style.

All you need to do is sign up, pick the sport you want to bet on, place your wager and sit back and wait to see whether you are a winner. Bettor’s all over Ireland can enjoy wagering on horse races, Football, Rugby, Basketball and so much more, and whether it’s a local event or one that’s taking place at an international level, we have it covered.

We not only offer one of the widest ranges of sport betting opportunities online but also offer consistently good odds, so that you stand the best chance of claiming a hefty windfall should your wager be a winning one. In addition to great odds we also ensure all our information is up to date, and that our free bets and bonuses add something extra to your online sports betting experience.

Take a look at the sports you can bet on at our Irish sportsbook and get in on the action with Spin Palace!


Believe it or not, the sport of Badminton, or Shuttlecock, is hugely popular with bettors in Ireland and all over the world. Played as a singles or doubles game, Badminton offers plenty of betting opportunities, and it’s fast pace makes it an engrossing sport to watch too.

Badminton is a racquet sport, and the aim of the game is to keep the small feathered shuttlecock in the air for as long as possible. Players only have one swing of the racquet to propel the shuttlecock to their opponent’s side, and every winning rally earns a player or team 1 point. The winner of the match is the first to reach 21 points.

During the course of the year there are numerous tournaments and games to bet on, but the 5 major annual events, including the BWF World Championships, the BWF Super Series and the Thomas & Uber Cup, are the most popular. Badminton is also an Olympic sport, and every 4 years bettors can wager on all the games that take place during this prestigious event.

For Badminton bettors, the most commonly placed bets are straight up bets, predicting who the winner will be. At Spin Palace Sports you can try your luck at predicting who will take the title and reap the rewards for a correct result.


Hit a homerun with Baseball betting at Ireland’s best sportsbook and discover why this sport is so well loved. There are plenty of unique betting opportunities in Baseball and the Major League season runs for around 6 months, with 30 teams each playing in 162 games. This equals a whopping 2,430 Baseball games to bet on, with multiple markets open for each event, while the off-season also provides plenty of betting opportunities. The MLB season ends in the World Series, and bettors can also look forward to the All Star Game, or Midsummer Classic that rounds up all the best teams in the league.

Spin Palace Sports gives you a chance to wager on all the MLB games, as well as on Baseball games taking place the world over. You can enjoy live Baseball betting for added thrills, or you can take advantage of the many moneyline betting options open for every game!

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If you love Basketball, our online sportsbook in Ireland is the place to be. The NBA may be the world’s most famous Basketball league, but we also feature a selection of other international leagues, such as the Euroleaugue, Australia’s National Basketball League and Germany’s Basketball Bundeslinga. No matter what Basketball league you’re looking for, the chances are we cover it and you can wager on the All Stars game, the Final Four, the Eastern Conference, the Playoffs, NCAA March Madness and so much more.

A sport known for its intense action and adrenalin fuelled plays, Basketball is fun to watch, and even better to bet on. With incredible performances from players and some strong team rivalries, the games can be tense, and often unpredictable. This is part of what makes Basketball a great sport and encourages bettors to find the best lines and place Total, Futures, Prop and Side bets on the available games.

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Canadian Football

With Spin Palace Sports you can bet on CFL, or Canadian Football games all the way from Ireland. Our online sportsbook brings you all the action, and you can bet on this popular sport with ease.

Canadian Football is a form of gridiron football, similar to American Football, and 2 teams of 12 players each vie for possession of a field that’s 110 yards in length. A ball that’s pointed on each end and looks much like a Rugby ball is used in Canadian Football, and points are scored by opposing teams claiming possession of their rivals’ side.

This exciting sport has its origins in Rugby Football, a locally played game that was very popular in the 1800’s. Nowadays, the Canadian Football League governs the amateur and professional leagues, and the season culminates in the pros playing for the Grey Cup. If you want to bet on Canadian Football games you can do so at Spin Palace Sports and see whether you can predict a winner in one of the most watched sports played on Canadian soil.

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Football, Soccer, The Beautiful Game; whatever you call it, it remains the most popular game to bet on at online sportsbooks. Football is played across the globe, so there is never an off-season, and this in part contributes to its enormous popularity. The fact that it is high action, high drama and high suspense also makes it one of the best betting markets, and you’ll always find a game to bet on.

There is a selection of Football leagues scattered across the globe, but the European Leagues are the ones that really draw in the crowds. At Spin Palace Sports you can wager on UEFA or La Liga games, or bet on Premier League matches and the Scottish Premiership. There are also plenty of other international leagues to back, including the Argentine Primera División, Korea’s K-League, South America’s Campeonato Brasileiro Série A and the USA’s Major League Soccer. Then there are the games that take place between national and international sides, and the FIFA World Cup and Federation Cup, so Football fans are never at a loss of wagering opportunities.

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Formula One

With each race attracting over 600 million fans the FIA Formula One Championship, or Formula One, clearly has a huge following. Betting on Formula One races at an online sportsbook has become a favoured pastime of many in Ireland, and at Spin Palace Sports you can wager not only on the races, but also on the World Constructors Championship too. This means you can wager on the hottest Formula One action on and off the track!

Just as in the race to be the season’s Champion driver, the World Constructors Championship works on points that are awarded per win or place. At the end of the season, the Constructor with the most points will hoist the trophy. The Drivers and Constructors World Championships are the ideal market for Futures bets, as you can try and predict who will win well in advance.

With the Monaco Grand Prix, the Spanish Grand Prix, the German Grand Prix and 17 other races taking place between March to November, it’s never been easier to place Moneyline bets, Prop bets and Speed Row bets on this speedy sport.

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Once a game that was considered a bit dull, it’s now a hot favourite at online sportsbooks, and at Spin Palace Sports you’ll be able to bet on golfing events taking place in Ireland and all over the globe.

We bring you all the best odds for Golf tournaments and as there is no real Golf season, you can wager all year round. 4 big tournaments are held annually and these are dubbed ‘The Masters’ and include the US Masters, US Open, British Open and PGA Championships. There are multiple markets open for these tournaments and Prop bets have proven to be the preferred option of Golf fans.

Golf has enjoyed a major revamp, and you could land a huge windfall simply by backing the player you think will perform best on the course.

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Horse Racing

Also known as ‘The Sport of Kings’ there is something almost irresistible about betting on horse racing. Horse racing betting is second in popularity only to Football, and in Ireland punters love a flutter on the horses. Our online sportsbook makes betting easy, and you don’t even have to go down to the track to wager on who you think will be a winner.

We bring you the best horse racing action from across the globe, from The Curragh Irish Derby Festival to events held globally, like the Kentucky Derby, Grand National, or Crown Oaks Day; you can bet on them all.

Horse racing is yet another sport that is not limited by season, so you can punt on the ponies 365 days a year if you please. Punters seem to prefer to stick to the simple single and double bets and predict who will win or place, but there are also more alluring exotic bets like trifectas and quinellas for those who are feeling a little more daring. Accumulators are also an excellent option if you are looking for a big win, and can turn small change into a massive payout!

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Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is one of the fastest sports in the world, and it’s also one of the most physical. This makes it great to bet on, as you can expect the unexpected. The NHL, or National Hockey League comprises of a total of 31 teams currently, and 18 nationalities are represented across the board. Each season every team plays 82 games, so there are a total of 2,542 games to bet on, with several markets open for them all. 16 NHL teams make it through to the play-offs and between 60 and 98 post season games also play a role in which team claims the Stanley Cup at the end of the season.

Spin Palace Sports not only features NHL games for you to bet on, there are also international events held in Germany, Russia and other corners of the globe available for wagering on. The NHL games may draw the biggest crowds, but with so many different Ice Hockey events our sportsbook offers plenty of opportunities to place Double Chance, Puck Line, Total or any other similar bets you desire.

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Rugby League

A favourite with the Rugby loving Irish, Rugby League games see 13 players-a-side teams tackle one another for the highest score. Australia’s NRL, or National Rugby League, dominates the world stage and attracts a large amount of attention from bettors across the globe. At our Spin Palace sportsbook you can bet on Rugby league games, and you’ll find them easy to follow as they make use of similar standard Rugby rules too.

There are two major Rugby League competitions that are held annually, namely the State of Origin and the National Rugby league. The State of Origin sees New South Wales and Queensland battling it out, while the National Rugby League has 16 clubs from New Zealand and Australia vie for the Premiership title.

Points and Line betting, Head to Head betting and Futures betting are the most commonly placed Rugby League bets, and for each match there are in excess of 50 markets open, so you can wager the way you want, with ease.

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Rugby Union

In Ireland, Rugby Union games attract a huge amount of attention, and for good reason. These games are played everywhere, from Australia to China, in England and on home soil. Betting on Rugby Union games is as exciting as watching them, and there are myriad betting opportunities for every game.

Depending on the game and league playing, Rugby Union matches have between 13 and 15 players per side and matches last for 80 minutes without over time. As Rugby is an intensely physical sport, and one in which guts and determination can drive results, these 80 minutes are usually nail biting, and the underdog often ends up on top.

Due to its international reach, Rugby Union games run all year making it the ideal sport to bet on. The scoring in the game is also simple to understand, and tries are worth 5 points, and any Try that is converted- or kicked over the goal posts- is worth 7 points.

Legions of fans enjoy Rugby Union games and some of the biggest tournaments that you can bet on at Spin Palace Sports include the Guinness Premiership, the Six Nations, Super Rugby and the Rugby World Cup that is held every 4 years.

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If you want to enjoy Grand Slam betting action, then Spin Palace Sports is the place to be. Our wide range of Tennis bets include Match, Set and Total Games, as well as the chance to place wagers while the game unfolds, with Live In Play betting.

Part of tennis’ immense appeal is that there are games and events taking place all year round, and the WTA and ATP ensure that there’s always plenty going on. The Masters also offer punters ample opportunities to wager, and Wimbledon, The US Open, French Open, Australian Open and Davis Cup always attract a huge amount of attention. Matches are also played between the top seeded men and women, and there are men and women’s doubles games, and mixed doubles too.

Tennis is a hugely popular racquet sport that’s played on either a grass or a clay court, and at our sportsbook you’ll be able to wager on games taking place across the globe. The rules of the game are simple, and matches comprise of either 3 or 5 sets, of which a player must win 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 in order to emerge victorious.

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These are just some of the 70+ sports you can bet on at our sportsbook. Take a look at the list of other sports below that offer wagering opportunities galore:

  • Archery
  • Athletics
  • Australian Football League
  • Bandy
  • Beach Handball
  • Beach Soccer
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Bowls
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Curling
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Diving
  • Equestrian
  • e-Sports
  • Fencing
  • Floorball
  • Futsal
  • Gaelic Football
  • Gaelic Hurling
  • Greyhounds
  • Gymnastics
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • Hurling
  • Judo
  • Kayak
  • MMA
  • Modern Penthathlon
  • Motor Racing
  • Olympic Games
  • Poker
  • Racketlon
  • Rowing
  • Sailing
  • Shooting
  • Snooker & Pool
  • Soccer
  • Speedway
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Triathlon
  • Trotting
  • Virtual Sports
  • Virtual Sports Inspired
  • Volleyball
  • Water Polo
  • Weightlifting
  • Winter Olympic
  • Winter sports
  • Wrestling