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Betting on Rugby Union Games

While Rugby started out as a single game, it split into League and Union divisions some time ago. Initially the 2 camps differed on administration matters only, but over time some very clear distinctions in rules and gameplay have emerged. At Spin Palace Sports we offer the best bets on both Rugby Union and League games, as well as explanations on how both games work. If you have a better understanding on what to look for in players and teams, factors that affect the outcome and how the odds are structured, you’re more likely to be able to bet successfully. That’s exactly why Spin Palace Sports is, literally, your best bet in Ireland!

As you keep growing and learning more and more about Rugby Union games and how they work, you’ll want to keep challenging yourself with more complex bets. We’ve got the full range at Spin Palace Sports, so we can always meet you and support you no matter where you are in your Rugby Union betting development.