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Bet to Win with Spin Palace Sportsbook

Sportsbetting is almost a national pastime in New Zealand, and there is no better online sportsbook to wager at than Spin Palace Sports! We’ve got more than 70 different sports for you to choose from, and wagers that go from the simple to the exotic. You’ll find all the most popular sports in our line-up, as well as some lesser known, but equally exciting, events.

For the more experienced and adventurous punters, we also offer great novelty wagers. Horse racing is well represented, as is Rugby, and everything in between is here too. Find all the local and international tourneys, games and races that you’re interested in, as well as all the Baseball, Rugby and other big leagues games at our New Zealand sportsbook.

At Spin Palace Sports you not only get to choose from one of the biggest sportsbetting markets, you also get the advantage of consistently good odds too. Our information is always accurate and our odds are always up to date, so your chances of walking away with a big payout are maximised. Add to this our handsome bonuses and free bets and you’re looking at some serious windfalls and some seriously enjoyable online betting.


Shuttlecock, as Badminton is also known, is a very popular sport around the world. Betting on it only makes it more exciting! The objective of the game, which can be played in individual or doubles matches, is to keep the feathered shuttlecock in the air. You can only swing your racquet once to send the shuttlecock over the net, with every successful rally getting you or you and your partner 1 point. The first duo or player to reach a score of 21 wins the game. It’s not unlike Blackjack in that way!

The Badminton circuit has 5 major annual events, as well as many other smaller tourneys and special events for you to bet on. The biggest draws are the Thomas & Uber Cup, the BWF Super Series and the BWF World Championships, with straight-up bets on the winner being the most typical wagers.

Badminton is also an Olympic sport, so when the great games come around every 4 years you’ll find many new betting opportunities. Its world-class gameplay with the world’s best players, so don’t miss out on this cream of the fast-paced Badminton betting crop!


Baseball is a favourite with punters in New Zealand and all around the world, and with its unique sportsbetting opportunities it is easy to understand why. Spin Palace Sports offers all of them for you, at great odds, so get ready to dive in.

Major League Baseball, or MLB, regulates and runs professional Baseball. Its season lasts about 6 months of the year, or 162 games, involving each of the 30 teams. What this means for you is that there are 2,430 MLB games to bet on at our sportsbook, and that’s not even counting post-season matches! The best teams in the league are brought together in the All Star game, and the MLB’s other highlight is the World Series – the culmination of the season.

Not only can you bet on MLB games with our online sportsbook, you can also bet on baseball games taking place outside of the United States. With these games occurring in different countries and at different times, there is almost always some action for you to enjoy. Live Baseball betting has also been a big hit because a Baseball game can go either way, and you can often only see what will happen as the action unfolds.

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Canadian Football

The Canadian Football League, or CFL, has bettors and fans from all around the globe, and not just Canada. As soon as you’ve seen the action that is involved, you’ll understand why. Spin Palace Sports brings you all the action online, and allows you to bet on CFL events from wherever you happen to be in New Zealand, whenever it suits you.

Canadian Football is a form of gridiron football, and involves 2 teams of 12 going against each other for territorial control of a 110 yard-long field. Possession of the ball is claimed by landing it in the opposing team’s area, and points are scored when this happens successfully. Canadian Football has a lot in common with American Football, and they both originally developed from Rugby Football, which was played in the 1800’s.

These days, amateur and professional games are all governed by the CFL, and the pros season culminates with Grey Cup. This is among the biggest sporting events to be held on Canadian soil, and all the best odds and punts for it can be found at Spin Palace’s sportsbook.

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Football, or soccer, is affectionately known as The Beautiful Game. It’s also the most popular sport when it comes to online betting, by quite a long way. Since it is played in so many countries around the world, there are always matches open for betting on our sportsbook.

The incredible fever for Football means that there are countless leagues for the sport, and those in Europe are especially coveted and renowned. Betting on the Premier League, UEFA Champions League or La Liga is a priority for many enthusiasts, but don’t forget about the other markets that Spin Palace Sports offers.

You can also put money down on South America’s Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, the USA’s Major League Soccer, Argentina’s Primera División, the K-League of Korea, the A-League of Australia, and any other tourneys. There are also thrilling international games involving the very best players in a country and, of course, the FIFA World Cup.

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The gold standard in Basketball has always been North America’s National Basketball Association, and you can most certainly put money on NBA games at Spin Palace Sports. But that is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the only Basketball league that you can bet on.

You can also wager on Germany’s Basketball Bundesliga, Australia’s National Basketball League, the Euroleague and other top leagues. As always, we offer fantastic odds on all of these markets, wherever you are in your Basketball betting career. Whether you’re interested in the Final Four, NCAA March Madness or the playoffs, we’ve got what you need.

Basketball is a great sport to bet on for the same reason it’s a great sport to watch – it’s full of dramatic, high-octane player performances. These are always thrilling but of course, if you have money riding on the outcome, they are even more so. Teams have serious rivalry histories, which adds to the intensity of the games.

Our best advice for Basketball betting is to do as much research as possible first. Check out the recent performance history of players and teams, and whether there have been any recent transfers or injuries. It will also make a difference which team is playing at home and which is away. The most commonly placed Basketball wagers are Prop, total and side bets and for all of these, you need to make sure you get the best line.

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Formula One

Formula 1 is the abbreviation for the FIA Formula One Championship run by the International Automobile Federation. For most enthusiasts, it’s the most thrilling circuit to watch. For punters, there is nothing to top it in the world of motor racing bets and you can place Qualifying, Prop and Moneyline wagers. Spin Palace Sports, naturally, brings you the hottest betting action in New Zealand, all season long.

Formula 1’s season begins in March and runs to November, featuring 20 challenging races all around the world. The Singapore, Belgian and Monaco Grand Prix are often the highlights that first come to mind, but there are many more interesting courses and more than 600 million fans watch the high-profile races!

When you start out with Formula 1 betting you might want to stick to who will win each race and who will take the season’s World Drivers Championship title. As you gain a little insight and experience, you should also think about betting on the World Constructors Championships. This trophy uses a points system to determine which constructor is the champion, and shows how important these men are to the sport.

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Horse Racing

Horse racing is wildly popular among bettors, and just could still be the most popular in New Zealand. Perhaps it’s because it is the oldest type of betting still practiced, or perhaps it’s because of its inherent glamour and the fact that it is known as “The Sport Of Kings”, but there is something irresistibly alluring about horse racing for almost every punter out there.

At Spin Palace Sports we understand how much you love horse racing betting, which is why we bring you races from around the globe. From the Grand National in the United Kingdom to the Kentucky Derby in the United States, and with the Melbourne Cup in Australia and hundreds of other races in between, we always have a horse racing market on the go.

When you’re first betting on horse races, the straightforward single and double bets are best. Many seasoned punters still prefer these, but there are other wagers you can try. The more exotic quinellas, trifectas and more, along with accumulators that are high-risk but deliver high rewards, are all waiting to be tried. Whatever you’re putting your money on, check out the horse, jockey, trainer and racetrack carefully.

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Ice Hockey

At Spin Palace Sports, we offer a great range of Ice Hockey betting markets. The National Hockey League, or NHL, is the last word in the sport for many people, and you can bet on these games and international games as far afield as Germany and Russia too. The NHL games are, however, the biggest Ice Hockey draw cards, while punters flock to our sportsbook to bet on them and get some adrenaline pumping.

There are 31 teams in the NHL, with 18 nationalities represented. Each team plays 82 games each season, giving you 2,542 chances to bet on a game. With multiple markets on each game, you can see the payout potential! There are 16 spots for teams at the playoffs, and 60 to 98 postseason games too. These are all factored in to which side gets the Stanley Cup, which is the NHL’s ultimate accolade.

As always, before you bet on Ice Hockey you need to do your homework. Find out how the game works and the ways teams can win, and learn as much about each team and each player as possible. Then you can place Double Chance, Total, Puck Line or any of the other thrilling Ice Hockey punts we offer.

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In years gone by Golf was considered a little dated by some, but these days its popularity just keeps growing, and stars like Dustin Johnson and Ricky Fowler keep it interesting. For bettors, the potential big wins make it well worthwhile. We’ve got great odds on all the major Golf tournaments for you at Spin Palace Sports, as well as on many of the smaller ones that are staged around the world.

Golf has no real season, so there are always games on the go, with betting opportunities aplenty. The 4 big tourneys of the year, collectively nicknamed The Masters, are the PGA Championships, the US Masters, the US Open and the British Open. Our sportsbook has a selection of markets for each of these, with Prop bets the preferred option for most punters.

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Rugby League

Rugby League games are an Aussie institution! The teams are 13 men strong, and they compete against each other for the highest score. The National Rugby League, or NRL, of Australia, attracts attention from devoted locals and from fans further abroad. The games follow rules that are similar to standard Rugby, so they’re easy to understand and great to bet on.

There are 2 separate competitions that dominate the Rugby League calendar: the State of Origin and the National Rugby League. In the State of Origin, New South Wales and Queensland go against each other in a 3-game series, and in the National Rugby League 16 teams from New Zealand and Australia duke it out to take the Premiership title.

There are several different types of Rugby League bets, but Futures, Line and Points and Head to Head bets are especially popular. At Spin Palace Sports we bring you all the markets open for each game, and since there are more than 50, it’s a good idea to get familiar with them.

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Rugby Union

Rugby Union games, which need no introduction to Kiwis, are played amongst countries from all over the world, the most popular being South Africa, England, Australia and New Zealand. This makes for very interesting matches with different playing styles, and for plenty of betting opportunities. Depending on the game and the League, these 80-minute matches have 13 to 15 players per side.

Rugby Union scoring is quite simple to follow; tries are worth 5 points; penalty tries are worth the same. Converted tries, where a player kicks the ball over the goal posts get an extra 2 points, and so is worth 7 in total.

One of the greatest things about Rugby Union games is how much opportunity they give to underdogs; since the sport is so physical absolutely anything can happen, and teams can take surprise wins through sheer determination. It makes Rugby a great game great to bet on, and great to watch. Local and international Rugby Union games are available at our sportsbook, with the most popular being the Six Nations, the Challenge Cup, Super Rugby, the Guinness Premiership and the four-yearly Rugby World Cup. With its international reach, Rugby is played all year round so you’ll always find a match to bet on.

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Exciting and often tense, Tennis is hugely popular with punters at Spin Palace online sportsbook. This racquet sport offers a wealth of betting opportunities as games are played all year round across the globe, and men’s, women’s and doubles matches are held regularly. Matches comprise of 3 or 5 sets and the first player to win 2 of 3, or 3 of 5 sets is the winner.

The largest Tennis tournaments held annually are called the Majors and see players vie for a Grand Slam title. Large prizes, glittering trophies and the prestige of being a champion are all at stake, and both clay and grass courts make for non-stop action.

Our sportsbook gives you the opportunity to bet on tournaments like the Australian, French and US Open, the Davis Cup, Wimbledon and all other ATP and WTA games. You can place Match bets, Total Games bets, Set bets and many other wagers, or you can enjoy the adrenalin of placing live in-play wagers as the game unfolds.

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