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Rugby Union Betting

As any Rugby fan will tell you, there’s little to top playing the game yourself or watching professional athletes do so. One thing that does make it better is putting money on the results, and then enjoying your own wins at the same time as you celebrate the victory of your team. The best place to do that? Spin Palace Sports, of course! There are 3 categories in Rugby Union Bets: Club, Sevens and International Series Test Matches. The first 2 options are a lot more local, while the International Series is the most popular Rugby tournament in the world and pits the best teams on earth against each other. You can bet on single match wins with or without a Point Spread, and can put money on which team will win an entire tournament. Over/Under Bets, where you wager on the final score being more or less that a certain amount, and specific player bets are popular too.