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Women's World Cup - France 2019

Super Spin Special – The Best Deals on the Best Events

Welcome to the Spin Palace Super Spin Special, where the stakes are high, the deals are great and the wins even greater. The 2018 Russia World Cup Soccer has come and gone and what an event it’s been. Epic matches along with some major shake-ups happened, as is always the case with an event of this nature. No one would have foreseen such an early departure for Germany, being the title holders of the 2014 Brazil Cup. Imagine you could have made that call? And that’s really what Spin Palace Sports is about – helping you make the right call.

We’re here for the fans, the aficionados and all those punters out there to looking to score big. If you’re not yet familiar with the concept of the Super Spin Special, then you’ll be pleased to know it’s a betting system that gives you access to bigger and better deals.

Enhanced Odds – We’ve Got You Covered

When we initially introduced the Super Spin Special, the focus was only on a set of selected sports, but after an amazing reception, we knew we had to roll it out. And roll it out we have! We’re not holding back boys and girls, and our hope is that you’ll embark with us on a journey of luck and wits. We’ve rounded up all the heavy-hitters of the sports arena. The crowd-pleasers, the fan favourites, they’re all here for your betting pleasure, convenience and the pursuit of real cash wins. We’ve got you covered for:

  • Soccer
  • American Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Golf

We’re here to give you the best Enhanced Odds on all the aforementioned sports categories. If you haven’t dealt with this exciting system of wagering before, fret not, for it all comes down to this – better odds, much better odds! Be it football or be it soccer, we’re here to make you an offer! From the Premier League to La Liga down to the Champions League all the way to the MLS, we’ve got you covered for soccer.

If you’re a fan of American Football then our Enhanced Odds for the NFL Superbowl will generate the kind of excitement that only a field goal can. We can’t speak about Ice Hockey or the NHL without speaking about the Stanley Cup and if you love Baseball, then its best you’re betting with us by the time the World Series comes around.

Our Enhanced Odds on Basketball will dribble downcourt past the competition throughout the NBA season and what we’ve got on Golf will apply to everything from the US Open to the PGA Championship.

super spin special

The Time to Bet is Now!

What better a time is there than now to take advantage of our generosity? With the Spin Palace Sports Super Spin Special there’ll always be that something better. There’ll always be a reason to come back to bet to win.

Our panel of professional traders monitor all results and on-goings round the clock to make sure the odds on offer are competitive and on the level. We’re not just here to give you chance after chance, we’re here to give you an experience of note, and one that’s nothing short of bang-for-buck entertainment.